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Cold Wood Pressed Coconut Oil

Cold Wood Pressed Coconut Oil

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Introducing Amlin Earth’s Coconut Oil, a premium oil that combines the goodness of coconuts with the traditional technique of wood pressing. Our coconut oil is extracted from high-quality coconuts using a wooden press, preserving the natural flavor and nutrients of the fruit.

Wood pressing is an ancient method of extracting oil that involves crushing the coconuts with a wooden press. This gentle process ensures that our oil is pure, unrefined, and retains all the natural goodness of coconuts.

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Why Choose Our Products?

Choosing cold-pressed oils, particularly those derived from wood, can offer several advantages:-

  • Preservation of Nutrients:  Cold wood-pressed oils preserve vital nutrients, ensuring maximum health benefits.
  • Authentic Flavor: The process maintains natural flavors, enhancing culinary experiences.
  • Chemical-Free: Avoiding chemicals ensures a pure product.
  • Small-Batch Quality: Cold wood pressing often involves smaller batches, allowing for meticulous quality control and attention to detail.
  • Holistic Wellness: Beyond nutritional benefits, these oils contribute to a holistic approach to wellness, aligning with consumers seeking natural and mindful lifestyle choices.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Archi Jain
One of the best

Coconut oil smell’s like real coconut. And when consume the oil it’s like have eaten a coconut slice . It’s very refreshing on skin as well. Must try


It was really good


Felt comfortable

Good for hair massage

Using this oil since few months n it works pretty good on hair
A 10/10 recommended

Simply amazing

This is the best coconut oil I have ever used. Great results in hair and on skin. It has been a must buy for me…